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oh, hey there!

Welcome to the fresh new home of Wren & Rook. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I thought I’d show my face. Here I am. Hiiieeee!

I feel a deep connection to all things creative. They make my heart go pitter-patter. I will always stay true to my style and the creativity that I’m drawn to in photography. I want to capture who you really are. I want to get to know you. You’re not a number or just a photo session. If you’ve looked at my work and felt emotion or feel like you know the people in these photos, it is likely that we will work great together. I bring joy and true passion to what I do, and an addiction to create things. During our time shooting together it will feel as if we’re old friends and we most likely will be by the end of it all. I want to display your quirks, personality, and true self. We will laugh, goof around, giggle, scream and create an experience. This is about stories, it’s not just about pictures. I don’t just raise up my camera and snap blindly. I watch. And wait. I want to create a killer frame. I want to make art.

Photography has become an expression of how I view the world. Literally, the way I see is delivered to you in my photographs. Each time I lift my camera to my eye it’s part of my journey. Each person I work with to capture their story subsequently becomes a part of my own story.

I’d love for you to let me tell your story.

{ Hugest of thank you’s to Ashley & Brynn for making me feel purdy. Love you ladies. xx}

Hair: Cyr-ious Hair Design & Party Rentals

Makeup: B.Pretty