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Grant + Meagan // Long Beach Lodge Elopement

Today’s post is something quite special – a wedding of the most intimate format you can imagine – a romantic elopement on the shores of Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, as this is where Grant and Meagan chose to formally commit their lives and love to one another on their 11 year anniversary.  There were no bridesmaids or bridal party, no fancy styling, nothing other than a couple in love, their officiant and the breathtaking natural environment.

Of course, there is magic in sharing your big day with beloved family members and friends in attendance. However, there is also something decidedly enchanted about jumping into your car and setting out with your heart full, your marriage licence in hand, and only your soon-to-be husband or wife by your side — all a coy secret between the two of you. These two started out on the path to a more traditional wedding – an October date was set, vendors were booked, colours and details chosen, planning was in full swing – but, they soon realized something didn’t feel right. They worried that they weren’t being true to themselves. They realized that enjoying every moment of this event was the most important thing to consider.

“We both felt like a weight had been lifted once we made the decision to elope. Neither of us are much for attention and don’t want the typical events/stress etc that come with planning a wedding. Being together for almost 11 years has something to do with it.  We’ve gone to Long Beach Lodge almost every year for our anniversary and May 17 is 11 years to the day since we met and have basically been together. This choice is much more sentimental to us.”

Grant and Meagan’s day was exactly what they wanted – quiet, simple, and filled with meaning – and it was such a deep reminder that just because other people do something a certain way, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it like that. Your life is exactly that: your life, live it in whichever way feels good and true to you.

Who would have thought when I met Meagan 3 years ago that I’d be signing her wedding licence?! Life is beautiful.

As was their day.




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Venue: Long Beach Lodge Resort, Tofino BC

Officiant: Rene Gibson

Floral:  Crab Apple Floral

Cake: Long Beach Lodge Resort

Dress: Hudsons Bay

Groom’s Attire: RW&Co.

Hair & Makeup: Salty Dolls

Second Shooter: Catherine Cartagena

 Planning on keeping it beautifully intimate and eloping? I’d love nothing more than to document it for you (and sign your marriage licence too). Let’s chat.