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How would you describe your style?

I’m big on storytelling so I utilize a mixture of photojournalism and very lightly directed posing to capture real moments as they unfold. My approach is attentive and intentional. My work is highly connected to the earth – forests, mountains, and bodies of water are often featured throughout my images. If I had to attach nouns to my imagery I would choose natural and unguarded. My goal is the same for each and every job I take on: I want to capture your quirks, your personality, and your true self.  I want you, twenty years from now, to be able to look at your photos and remember exactly how you felt in those moments.

How far in advance should we book you?

It’s never too soon to ask… and it’s never too late to ask. I’ve booked weddings anywhere from 4 weeks to 18 months in advance. I operate on a “first come, first served” basis, so I always suggest getting in touch as soon as you have a firm date.

Do you travel for weddings?

Lord yes. Getting my feet on new soil does an incredible thing for my creativity. If you identify with my work then cars, ferries, and airplanes will make our connection possible. The first 160km are on me. After that, all travel fees are handled by custom quote. I generally just need fuel/mileage costs and accommodations.

We’re eloping/having a super small wedding. Do you do those too?

I am so there.

Our venue requires that you have insurance. Do you?


Do you have back up gear?


Will we get all of the images you take?

Yes and no. You will get back all of the best high resolution, edited images. You will not get back the missed focus, blinks, duplicates and so forth. But I promise you’ll get a BUNCH; a typical 8 hr wedding will yield somewhere around 500-700 final images.

How long will it take to get our photos?

This really depends on the time of the year and how much work and travel I have at the time. Typically, you will receive your gallery somewhere around the 6-8 week mark. During peak season, it may be more like 10-12 weeks. I know it sounds like a long time, but I don’t want to rush something as important as this. It’ll be worth the wait.

Do you provide the photos on a disc?

I’ve transitioned from discs and flash drives to using a more current approach – online galleries.  As a client, you’ll receive an online gallery to download all of your images in their high resolution state.  You can also give your family and friends access to your images, share your photos to social media sites with the click of a button and purchase archival quality prints and products straight from your gallery. It’s pretty snazzy.

Can we meet with you before we decide to book? 

ABSOLUTELY. Your photographer will be with you the whole day – you’re going to want to make sure we’re a good fit. And I’m going to want that, too. I create my best work when there’s a real connection between us, plain and simple. So let’s grab a coffee or ice cream or wine or whatever it is that you fancy.  My treat. If we live too far apart to get together in person, we can always connect via Skype or phone instead.

Will you help us if we have questions?

Always. I think of it as part of my responsibility as a wedding photographer to offer guidance to my couples. I’ll give you a planning guide, a ton of helpful tips and resources (like the awesome Vancouver Island Weddings website), I’ll help you plan the timeline — I’m there all along the way. This is a very important part of the process. It ensures that when your wedding day finally rolls around, we can all relax and soak it in with the least amount of stress possible.

This sounds amazing! We want to book! How do we secure our date with you?

If you’re ready to book, I’m available, and we love each other, then I’m all yours with a signed contract and retainer. Piece-a-cake.



Still have questions? No problem. Shoot me an email at heythere@wrenandrook.com and I’ll give you all the 411 you require.