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Garett + Natasha // Engagement Session

I love working with people who are down to earth and enjoy being outside. When we were brainstorming location ideas for their session Natasha asked me if I was feeling adventurous, explaining that they have a spot they like to go to, though it’s not entirely easy to get to.  She texted me one cell phone photo and I was sold.

Now, let’s be real for a second here; spending an hour off-roading in a vehicle with people you’ve only corresponded with via email and text a handful of times can potentially be an awkward situation. Not with these two. Not even for a second. I instantly felt at ease when I hopped into their Jeep with them to make the trek to our destination. The conversation seamlessly flowed from wedding plans right through to putting Bugles on your fingertips and pretending to be a witch. Seamlessly.

This spot. This spot we had to navigate some pretty rough terrain to get to. This spot that ended up being magical.

The smell of a summer night, campfire smoke swirling around us, the waterfall and mountains and trees and rocks, the sounds of crickets and wind…

there’s nothing better.



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