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Let’s get this party started by getting to know each other a little bit. I’ll go first.

My name is Adina.

This is a blurry photo of me, taken by my little girl.


I am…

- A sarcastic, playful-hearted spirit.

- Probably shorter than you.

- A houseplant assassin.

- Terrified of measuring tapes. Terrified. I have no idea when or where this fear originated but it. is. legit.

- A mama to three beautiful humans.

I love…

- Good tunes.

- The way peonies droop from the weight of their own beauty.

- To scream like a banshee and jump up and down on photo shoots. Please don’t be alarmed.

- The feeling of possibility.

- Those thirty seconds when the house is clean, right before it gets destroyed again.

- When people compliment you on something you have no control over… like the colour of your eyes or your love of Arrested Development.

- When you can hear someone smile over the phone.

- Fresh pineapple.

I really really really don’t like…

- Sushi. And it makes me feel so uncool.

So there, that’s me in a nutshell. Now you know. Let’s be friends, and let’s take some beautiful pictures.